PHPStorm 2021.2.2 Crack + Activation Key till 2089 {Updated} Download

PHPStorm 2021.2.2 License Key till 2089 + Patch {Updated} Free Download

PHPStorm Crack + Activation Key till 2089 {Updated} Download

JetBrains PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Crack is an innovative Java-based integrated development environment (IDE) designed by JetBrains for PHP and Web developers. The software uses IntelliJ IDEA to allow developers to write code in different languages, including CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and Emmet. It is a medium-sized version of IntelliJ which has the added benefit of full PHP support. PhpStorm Full Version optimizes first-class coding assistance, deep understanding of the code, and support for major IDE frameworks and PHP tools.

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Activation Key brings an impressive set of features to your fingertips and allows you to add many plugins to extend its functionality to increase productivity and comfort. It works perfectly with Magento, Drupal, Symfony, Zend Framework, WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP, Laravel, and Joomla. PhpStorm uses innovative front-end technology and uses powerful refactoring, unit testing, and debugging tools.

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Patch is a comprehensive platform that provides various advanced features. It is an IDE based on a project designed for experienced coders who wish to develop professional platforms and large applications. This solution emphasizes productivity, quick implementation, and easy access to all projects, but does not allow users to modify a single file in the usual sense.

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Keygen was built in Java, which is a big advantage for developers. This allows developers to use the software on various development platforms and bring a supportive development environment with it. This makes it ideal for users who want to apply certain coding styles, rules, and PSR standards to each project.

Another important feature is the quick and safe refactoring function. This feature allows you to reliably repair code with multiple refactors, including the extraction method, rename, delete, move, online variables, change signature, and many more. JetBrains PHPStorm 2021.2.2 Full Crack provides language-specific refactoring that allows developers to manage changes throughout the project without hassle. You can easily repair your entire PHP namespace with a few clicks and easily undo the changes safely.

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 License Key is a reliable intelligent coding wizard that covers all the benefits of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of JetBrains Webstorm. It supports all innovative web development technologies, including CSS, SASS, HTML, SCSS, CoffeeScript, LESS, Jade models, ECMAScript, etc. In addition, it comes with a smart Javascript editor and direct editing functions that allow you to see all the changes instantly. The intuitive graphical difference tool displays differences in an easy-to-read format, allowing you to easily move changes from one file to another at the click of a button.

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Key Features:

  • Main Framework Supports

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Crack is perfect for working with Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Magento, Joomla, CakePHP, Yii, and other frameworks.

  • All PHP Tools

The editor actually “gets” your code and really understands its structure, taking care of all the functionality of the PHP language for modern and legacy projects. It provides the best code complements, refactorings, flight error prevention, etc.

  • Including Front-End Technology

Take advantage of advanced technologies, such as HTML 5, CSS, Sass, Less, Stylus, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Emmet, and JavaScript, with refactoring, debugging and unit testing available. View changes instantly in the browser with Live Edit.

  • Built-In Development Tools

Performs many routine tasks directly from the IDE, through integration with the version control system, support for remote deployment, database / SQL, command-line tools, Docker, Composer, REST Client, and many other tools.

  • PhpStorm = WebStorm + PHP + DB / SQL

All of WebStorm’s functionality is included in PhpStorm, with full PHP and database / SQL support added above.

  • Intelligent Coding Assistance

Hundreds of inspections are responsible for checking your code as you type, analyzing the entire project. PHPDoc support, arranger, and trainer (return) code, quick fixes, and other features help you write clean, easy-to-maintain code.

  • Intelligent Code Navigation

Become the master of your codebase with lightning-fast and efficient navigation features. The IDE understands where you want to go and takes you instantly.

  • Fast and Safe Refactoring

Correct your code reliably with Change secure name, Move, Delete, Extract method, Online variable, Push member up / Slide member down, Change Signature, and many other improvements. Language-specific refactoring helps you make changes throughout the project in terms of clicks, all of which can be safely undone.

  • Easy Debugging and Testing

PhpStorm 2021.2.2 Activation Code is famous for Visual Debugger without configuration, offering an exceptional overview of what is happening in your application at each step. It works with Xdebug and Zend Debugger and can be used both locally and remotely. Unit tests with PHPUnit, BDD with Behat, and integration of the profiler are also available.

What’s new in PhpStorm 2021.2.2?

(Released on 16-09-2021)


  • Support read-only properties (parser support).
  • Support final class constants (parser + language level).
  • Support intersection types.
  • Support explicit octal integer literal notation (parser + language level).

PHP Inspections:

  • False-positive error on ‘read-only as named parameter.
  • Don’t highlight the Readonly (class) property type hint with language level error in union types.
  • The match should be allowed as a named identifier.

Code Analysis. Structural Search:

  • StructuralSearchUtil leaks plugin FileTypes prevents the plugin from unloading.

Core. IDE Settings:

  • Settings for PER-OS components are not migrated manually from 2021.1 to 2021.2 via Import Settings.

Core. Indexing:

  • Shared index: allow disabling jdk, maven &, etc indexes from intellij.yaml.
  • Shared-Indexes: download timeout is not logged properly.

Core. Installation:

  • Don’t suggest I delete all my PhpStorm Projects.

Core. Licensing:

  • free.evaluation!! instead of the remaining days when evaluate IDEA/Rider.

Core. Project Settings:

  • Run from idea don’t works with modules/sun.misc.Unsafe / graal.
  • Python and Ruby SDK can’t be set when the project resides on the “\\wsl$\“ filesystem.

Core. Refactorings:

  • Rename refactoring does not work when triggered from the shortcut.
  • Possible deadlock in ActionUpdater.

Core. Run. Configurations:

  • Can’t revert to “Do not show this dialog in the future” for the process run in parallel.

Core. SSH:

  • SSH config Ciphers parsing is broken.


  • The file containing a lot of spaces is not removed when closing.

Editor. Diff and Merge:

  • The rider uses the internal diff tool when an external is configured.

User Interface:

  • Project Structure dialog shows with scrollbar at left.

User Interface. Action System:

  • Quick Lists: “Refactor This…” action stopped working.
  • Limit the number of menu preloading attempts.

User Interface. Find, Replace, Usages:

  • Show usages popup: a lot of space is occupied by uninteresting data and actual usage text doesn’t fit the popup.
  • Shortcut(⌥ + F7) for Open in Find Tool Window does not work.
  • Find Usages of the field including accessors doesn’t work in 2021.2.

Code Completion:

  • Qualify with database/schema settings affects qualification with table.

Data Diff:

  • The split layout makes the grid invisible for Compare feature.

Data Editor/Viewer:

  • ^N adds a new row instead of bringing up the database search since 2021.2.
  • Support timestamp with timezone for Trino.
  • Types cast works differently from the previous version.

Data Import/Export:

  • Exporting LOB results in error.
  • Can’t import a large CSV at once into Snowflake.

Database Explorer:

  • Data source disappears when moving from a folder when it was the only child into a subfolder.
  • The sticky Data Source node is missing on the top of the Tree.

Database Migrations:

  • Add Foreign Keys to MySQL table hides Update/Delete rule selectors until close and reopen entry.

Full-Text Search:

  • Problem with a full-text search on MS SQL when underlying datatype is a user-defined type.


  • Strange behavior when ENUM column has >10 values.
  • Introspecting database with JDBC looks better than the plain one.

Query Console:

  • ‘Enable DBMSOUTPUT’ does not work until the second query execution.
  • The unsafe query is executed regardless of inspection settings.
  • DataGrip 2021.2 Build #DB-212.4746.86 not flushing output to console.
  • Locked by transaction error while just doing selects.


  • I cannot modify the table.

SQL General:

  • Find Usages on SQL column doesn’t match asterisk references.
  • Regular expression support in SQLite.

No subsystem:

  • “Reload pages in the browser on save” feature incompatible with XML files.


  • Tailwind 2.2+ autocompletion not working for .svelte files.
  • tailwindcss autocompletion doesn’t work in Twig files.
  • Tailwind CSS plugin doesn’t provide code completion in PostCSS files with *.pcss extension.
  • Tailwind CSS support doesn’t work on Mac M1 with Node.js 15.x.
  • Tailwind autocompletion doesn’t work in *.blade.php files.


  • Dart tests cannot be executed from the IDE with Dart SDK: 2.10.5.


  • JSXEmmetParser tries to get XmlTag descriptor on EDT.
  • JS Inspection does not see a code change.
  • Flow exception freezes the IDE.

JavaScript. Frameworks:

  • Wrong props types validation in Vue 3 script setup.
  • JS’ components are no longer recognized when the ‘components’ configuration is set to an array of folders.
  • Nuxt: support Nuxt projects without nuxt.config.js.
  • Nuxt 2.0: update support for auto imported components.
  • js: support “nuxt.config.ts”.
  • Vue 3, Typescript: properties completion in the template doesn’t work for optional props.
  • @nuxtjs/components v. 2 nested components not resolved.
  • Vue: <script setup> Properties of Components not or wrong recognized.
  • Nuxt Suggestions and hover not working in nuxt project.
  • Nuxt: IDE ignores components/prefix option from nuxt.config.js.


  • LESS maps: syntax error when using variable properties in lookups.


  • ESLint 8.0 support.


  • Syntax error for #{!important} in SCSS.
  • Adding the Angular 12 inline scss support.


  • CSS3 pseudo-element indention and formatting are wrong in Stylus files.

PHPStorm Full Crack + Activation Key {Latest & Tested} Download

PHPStorm Full Keygen & Activator {Updated} Full Version Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install JetBrains PHPStorm 2021.2.2 by using setup.
  • After the installation, read the in-package instruction carefully for activation.
  • It’s done, Enjoy the PHPStorm 2021.2.2 Full Version!

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