Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 License Key & Crack {2021} Free Download

Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 Keygen & Patch {2021} Latest Free Download

Zoom Player MAX Crack Latest Version {2020} Free Download

Zoom Player Max 16.1 Beta 1 License Key is the most intelligent, flexible, and customizable media player for Windows PCs. Thanks to our powerful “Smart Play” technology, more multimedia formats are played with less complexity, increased stability, and better performance. The Beyond Zoom Player function of the classic multimedia player is a powerful full-screen interface of Media Center designed to be used with five simple buttons (up/down/left/right/select). The five-key system provides quick and easy navigation while maintaining full access to advanced interfaces such as the media library, file browser, playlist editor, color control, audio equalizer, bookmarks, reading history, and more.

The simplicity of the Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 Crack makes it ideal for people with little or no previous computer experience while making it fun to use for experienced users. With Zoom Player, you can directly convert any PC into a Home Entertainment Center (HTPC) without any special hardware or operating system required. Zoom Player works with all 32-bit / 64-bit versions of Windows.

Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 Patch is fully scaled and supports the latest multimedia formats and interfaces. New features and enhancements are combined consistently with the release schedule and integration of features that are prominently announced on our support forums, Twitter, and Facebook.

Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 Key Features:

  • Built-in equalizer (with more presets)
  • Load, search, create and manage playlists
  • Many playback options with skins that can be adjusted
  • Some special playback modes, and more.
  • Schedule multimedia content remotely for playback
  • Supports various media formats
  • Simple, intuitive, and very easy to use
  • Dynamic editing, virtual audio, and video
  • Automatic selection of audio and subtitle files
  • Supports all popular multimedia formats
  • Automatic aspect ratio, (Video Size, etc.)
  • Play CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays from the disc, etc.
  • Toggle between saved positions
  • And many others!

What’s new in Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1?


  • New interface Sound-FX system that triggers sounds when certain actions are taken (Adv. Options / Interface / Sounds):
    • Zoom Player Startup.
    • Navigation motion (left/right/up/down).
    • Navigation actions (enter/back/ESC).
    • Seeking (forward/backward/tracks).
    • Edge-Bump (media library).

You can pick the volume level and the output sound device and limit some of the sounds if a video is playing or when using the mouse.

  • The media library can now display a media file’s approximate bitrate (e.g. 9.2 Mpbs). You will need to re-scrape media to see this update.
  • You can now search for subtitles on movie folders, Zoom Player will use the first video file within the folder to find matching subtitle tracks.
  • New “Thumbnail icon size” setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Fullscreen Navigation / Customization) that controls the thumbnail media icon size for media/icons that do not have a thumbnail image.
  • New “Prevent mouse actions from moving or resizing the main window” setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Position & Size” that blocks the mouse from resizing or moving the main player window.
  • New “Skip requesting confirmation to erase file” setting (Adv. Options / Interface) to remove the confirmation request when erasing the playing media to the recycle bin.
  • New “Do not use the scraped image as thumbnail” media library category setting. When enabled, Zoom Player will ignore any thumbnail downloaded using a scraping plugin, and depending on other category settings, Zoom Player will try extracting a thumbnail from the video itself.
  • New “Do not use MediaInfo.dll to extract file metadata” media library category setting. When enabled, Zoom Player will not try to use MediaInfo.dll to extract metadata from files such as file format, codec, audio channels, etc.
  • New “exPLSortOrder” extended function capable of choosing the sorting order (ascending, descending). A value of “0” sets ascending and “1” sets descending. Please note that this function doesn’t actually sort the list.
  • New “exPLSort” extended function to sort the current playlist. Possible values are:
    • Sort by Name
    • Sort by File Type (file extension)
    • Sort by File Date
    • Sort by File Size
    • Sort by File Path (folder)
    • Sort by Media Duration (in seconds)
    • Sort Randomly (random order)
  • New “exPLRemoveItem” extended function that allows you to directly remove a playlist item. Please note that the first item in the playlist is actually “0” and not “1”.


  • When reaching the top/bottom position in the media library’s thumbnail view, Zoom Player now tries to maintain the current column when the top/bottom bump bar is triggered twice to perform a scroll to top/bottom action.
  • Improved support for long paths (over 250 characters) in the media library and file browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces (especially over network shared paths).
  • The minimum number of media library category columns has been changed from 3 to 2.


  • With the “opening media library always selects the playing media” setting enabled, renaming a file or creating a new folder could change the active path.
  • Fixed high-DPI issues with unskinned confirmation dialogs.
  • Fixed an erroneous OSD notification when using the media library’s mini-menu to add a category “refresh” or “append” entries to the playlist.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the media library to freeze if there were missing bitmap files in the navigation skin folder.
  • While in fullscreen mode, clicking on the playlist editor or equalizer windows when positioned over a hot-corner would activate the hot-corner action.
  • Opening a streaming YouTube URL using DirectShow would not show the video’s title in the play history until after the video was closed.
  • Showing the control bar for the very first time showed a black rectangle in the top left corner of the screen for a split second.
  • Fixed a crash in the Media Library’s playlist category plugin when parsing certain “.m3u” playlists.
  • When using the media library’s refresh button on a plugin-based category, it accidentally cleared the media’s titles.
  • The options dialog’s audio visualization configuration options were completely broken.
  • The “fnRestart” and “fnRestartWithParam” functions restarted Zoom Player without first saving settings, which caused the restarted copy to revert some settings.
  • Playing a network shared file from the command line would miss an external subtitle file in the same folder and no subtitles were shown.

Zoom Player MAX Full Version License Key & Crack {Tested} Free Download

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How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and use the Keygen to register the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy Zoom Player MAX 16.1 Beta 1 Full Version.

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