PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Crack {2022} Free Download

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Keygen {2022} Latest Free Download

PreSonus Studio One Professional Crack {Updated} Free Download

Record, produce, mix, master, and do it all from one intuitive app. Designed with ease of use at its core, PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Crack is your creative partner from studio to stage. The start page provides what you need to start your creation process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and events, as well as a custom user profile that lets you add custom metadata to all of them. your creations.

Head over to the Songs page and you’ll find everything you need to record, compose, edit and mix with a comprehensive set of virtual instruments, effects, innovative arrangement tools, and a view of Advanced scores based on our award-winning Notion notation app. Then collect and master your work on the Project page. Projects and songs are closely related, so you know the mix you’re good at is always up to date.

And when you’re ready to go, PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Keygen is with you. New in version 5, the Show page lets you add virtual instruments, background tracks, and effect plug-ins to your live instrument with an easy-to-use Set List that lets you sculpt your performance and change your performance every night or make quick changes on the fly inspiration emerges. The standard for end-to-end productions, only PreSonus Studio One Professional Full Version takes you seamlessly from initial inspiration to full production, from final mixes to master albums, from digital releases to live productions, and lets you create truly without limits.

PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Key Features & Tools:

  • 64-bit floating-point WAV recording and export
  • Acoustic Drum Kits and Loops
  • Advanced Audio Editing
  • Advanced Grouping
  • Ampire
  • Analog Delay
  • ARA 2.0 support (+custom integration)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Arranger Track
  • Articulations and Key Switch Editing
  • Audio Batch Converter
  • Autofilter
  • Automatic latency compensation
  • Automation
  • Aux Channels
  • Beat Delay
  • Binaural Pan
  • Bitcrusher
  • Browser
  • Built-in shop
  • Channel Strip
  • Chord Track and Harmonic Editing
  • Chorder
  • Chorus
  • Clip Gain Envelopes
  • Comping
  • Compressor
  • Console
  • Console Shaper
  • Control Link
  • Cue Mix
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Dropout Protection for Low-Latency Monitoring
  • Drum Editor
  • Dual Pan
  • Easy Sidechain Routing
  • Editable Folder Tracks
  • Electronic Audioloops
  • Electronic Kits and Musicloops
  • Event-based Effects
  • Exchange
  • Expander
  • Extended FX Chains
  • Fat Channel XT
  • Flanger
  • Gate
  • Groove Delay
  • Groove Extraction
  • High-DPI Graphics
  • High-Resolution Note Editing
  • Impact XT
  • Impact XT Core Library
  • Input Filter
  • Input Mixer
  • Inspector
  • IR Maker
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Layers and Takes
  • Level Meter
  • Limiter2
  • Listen Bus
  • Macro Controls
  • Mai Tai
  • Marker Track
  • Mastering Tools
  • Melodyne Essentials
  • Mix Engine FX
  • Mixer Scenes
  • Mixtool
  • MixVerb
  • Mojito
  • MTC/MMC Synchronization
  • Multi Instruments
  • Multiband Dynamics
  • Multitrack Drum Editing
  • Note Actions
  • Note Controller Support
  • Note Editor
  • Note FX
  • Note Repeat
  • Notion Integration
  • OpenAIR
  • Patterns
  • Pedalboard
  • Phase Meter
  • Phaser
  • Pipeline XT
  • Plug-in Manager
  • Podcast Macros and Templates
  • Pre-Record
  • Presence XT
  • Presence XT core library
  • Prime Selection Loops and Sounds
  • Pro EQ2
  • Producer Loops and Kits
  • Project Page
  • Publication and distribution
  • RedlightDist
  • Repeater
  • Retrospective Record (Audio)
  • RMS/peak metering for all channels
  • Room Reverb
  • Rotor
  • Sample One XT
  • Scope
  • Score Editor
  • Scratch Pads
  • Show Page
  • Side-by-side Editors
  • Smart Tools
  • Song Page
  • Soundcloud direct export
  • Spectrum Meter
  • Start Page
  • Studio One Expansion
  • Studio One FX
  • Studio One Impulse Responses
  • Studio One Instruments Vol 1 and 2
  • Studio One Musicloops Vol 1 and 2
  • Studio One Remote
  • Supported Audio Formats
  • Tempo Track and Tempo Detection
  • Third-party plugin support (AU, VST2, VST3, and Rewire)
  • Time Lock/Edit Lock
  • Tone Generator
  • Track Transform
  • Transient Detection with editable markers
  • Tricomp
  • Tuner
  • Ueberschall Impact Drums
  • ..everything
  • User-definable shortcuts and Macros
  • VCA faders
  • Vengeance Sound
  • Versatile Import/Export format support
  • Video Import/Export/Player
  • Voodoo One Synth Soundset
  • X-Trem

What’s new in PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2?

(Released on 05-04-2022)


  • Demos and Tutorials added to demo version installer.
  • Improved tempo detection from ACIDized WAV files.
  • [Sound Variations] support for MIDI channel switching in AU instruments.


  • Dithering artifacts under certain conditions.
  • [Macro Toolbar] Crash when creating Menu Button and switching pages.
  • [Macro Toolbar] Crash when assigning command to menu item.
  • [Macro Toolbar] Importing page does not select it with an Extension Macro page.
  • Notes get stuck in the Instrument Editor.
  • Stuck “packaging” status window when (auto-) saving.
  • Mute/Solo in music editor mutes/solos the mixer channel, not the track.
  • Wrong icon size in the “Add File Type” dialog.
  • [macOS – Apple Silicon] Crashed plug-in is not displayed in the startup dialog.
  • Strange behavior when removed notes are still “selected” internally.
  • Event FX Crash with plug-ins with sidechain and latency.
  • Exported sampler file is always displayed with the same name in Browser.

PreSonus Studio One Professional Keygen {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Important).
  • Extract and install PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and use Keygen to activate the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 5.5.2 Full Version.

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