XenoDream Jux 4.100 Patch & License Key Free Download

XenoDream Jux Patch & License Key {Updated} Free Download

XenoDream Jux 4.100 Crack & Serial Key {Latest} Free Download

XenoDream Jux Patch & License Key {Updated} Free Download

XenoDream Jux 4.100 Crack is a 3D fractal maker that allows users to create complex and beautiful fractal designs. The software uses a unique algorithm to create fractals that can be customized and manipulated to create unique and stunning visual effects. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing even beginners to create complex fractal designs. Jux is a fractal explorer for 2D Julia and Mandelbrot sets. It includes various formulas. It has beautiful coloring and lighting effects. It’s easy to use. No formula editor or scripts.

XenoDream Jux 4.100 Patch is a 3D fractal creation program developed by Garth Thornton. It allows users to generate and manipulate complex fractal patterns in real time, providing a unique experience for beginners and experts alike. With XenoDream jux, users can explore the endless possibilities of fractal art and create unique and exciting digital designs.

XenoDream Jux 4.100 License Key supports a wide range of 3D file formats, including OBJ, STL, and VRML, making it easy to import and export projects. The software is ideal for artists, designers, and anyone interested in the fascinating world of fractals. It is a powerful tool for both professional and amateur artists, offering many customizable options and settings that can be adjusted to create a wide range of shapes, colors, and textures.

XenoDream Jux 4.100 jux Serial Key makes it easy to export and share fractal images in a variety of formats, including images and videos. It also has an active community forum where users can share their work, ask questions, and get support.

All in all, XenoDream Jux 4.100 Keygen is a powerful and flexible fractal art creation tool that can be used by artists, designers, and hobbyists alike.

XenoDream Jux 4.100 Key Features:

  • Easy switching between Mandelbrot and Julia sets.
  • Julia’s browser shows a thumbnail of Julia’s set, corresponding to the mouse position in the preview.
  • A selection of formulas, mainly in common with parameters.
  • Fully multi-core for preview, explorer, and rendering.
  • Rendering large images with full anti-aliasing (on registration; maximum around 20kx15k pixels).
  • Batch rendering (upon registration).
  • Numeric controls can be dragged as sliders.
  • 12 steps undo/redo.
  • Easily share settings on social media by copying/pasting to a clipboard.
  • Memory cells for the temporary storage of formulas, coloring, or lighting.
  • Save your favorite settings as presets (formulas, coloring pages, orbital traps, lighting, gradients).
  • Hundreds of system presets are included.
  • Switch with one click between 15 default color schemes.
  • Gradient editor including tools for capturing linear or random gradients.
  • Coloring based on potential, distance estimation, z mean, pools, orbital traps, textures, fibers, and field lines.
  • Adjust color and lighting controls with live preview.
  • Powerful high-rise field lighting effects.
  • Materials that can include reflection, refraction, corner filtering, and displacement mapping.
  • Use panoramic or regular images as environment maps for reflection and refraction.
  • When drawing a Mandelbrot set, you can hover over any part of it and see the corresponding Julia set in the thumbnail.
  • For Julie’s sets, you can explore the options by moving the mouse relative to the center of the preview.
  • Hold down the “Shift” key or press J in the preview to switch to Julia’s new look.
  • Alt-drag vertically or Ctrl-drag rectangle in preview to enlarge; pan preview by dragging it.
  • Extended precision numbers allow scaling up to 10^16.
  • XenoDream Jux 4.100 Activation Key automatically finds critical points to correctly render converging areas in Julia’s fractals.
  • For Mandelbrot fractals, you can choose which critical points to use.
  • Choose from a list of built-in formulas (no formula editor).
  • XenoDream Jux 4.100 Activator has a good selection of polynomial, rational polynomial, and Newton formulas, several variations of Deck and Kleist, 10 with trigonometric or experimental functions, and 11 chaotic formulas.
  • Most formulas have parameters that cover a range of possibilities. Some include Abs modes.
  • Here are some examples of different formulas and coloring (without lighting).


There are many possible ways to color the Mandelbrot/Julia fractals. Jux has built-in methods chosen for their simplicity, flexibility, and aesthetics. You can use the coloring book alone or modify it with high-rise field light effects.

  • Fractals can be divided into regions depending on whether the formula converges, diverges, or not when repeated. Each region has its own coloring controls.
  • Outer (divergent) regions can use continuous potential, distance estimation, and fibers.
  • Inner (convergent) regions can use continuous potential, distance estimate, average |z| or angle as well as field lines and pool variations.
  • Coloring an area In Set based on average |z|, final |z| or angle.
  • Up to 12 orbital trap areas are defined by repeating a custom shape (39 to choose from).
  • Orbital traps can use distance, X, Y, or angle.
  • Add textures with a rich variety of patterns and turbulence to distort them.
  • All paint options (except the Fibers Trap Panel and Orbit Trap) can update the preview in real-time.
  • The coloring page uses several gradients, including a powerful gradient editor and over 1100 presets.
  • Capturing gradients (linear or random) from the desktop is very easy.
  • Import gradients from Ultra Fractal. urge or Fraction .map files.


XenoDream Jux 4.100 Registration Key can add lighting effects to turn fractals into 3D. The fractal is calculated as a height field in a 3D lighting environment.

  • Elevation contours based on potential, distance estimate, or z-average.
  • Separate height field adjustment for In Set, Exterior, Interior, and Orbit Trap areas.
  • Add offset from textures, fibers, or field lines.
  • Up to 10 directional lights plus ambient and fill light.
  • Environment mapping for reflection and refraction using panoramic or conventional imaging with adjustable field of view.
  • Use your own images or one of the 12 panoramic images provided.
  • Material properties are independent of light sources and formulas.
  • Use up to four different materials for regions or sub-regions.
  • Materials can have a combination of diffusion, glare, radiation, reflection, and refraction.
  • Use gradients to filter reflected and transmitted light by angle.
  • Add displacement mapping with different noises or patterns.
  • All lighting options can update live preview (or close enough).
  • Here are some examples of lighting with different materials.

What’s new in XenoDream Jux v4.100?

(Release on 03-10-2023)

Main window

  • The Save/Rename Preset dialog now shows a list of existing preset names in the current category.
  • Right-clicking in the Preview now shows a Render Sample popup with a 56×56 anti-aliased render.
  • Changed how Ctrl-dragging in the Preview works. Now the start point is the center and dragging draws a rectangle with the same aspect ratio as the preview.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Ctrl after the mouse button for zooming would draw solid yellow rectangles that didn’t erase until the mouse button was released.
  • Fixed a bug where Ctrl-dragging, while the preview was in progress, had an erratic rectangle drawing.

Formula tab

  • Increased Low Bailout limits to between -8 and 40.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a file from a later version with extra formula parameters caused a crash.

Coloring tab

  • Added Bipyramid in Exterior texture patterns and Interior and Orbit Trap texture Pattern 1.
  • Increased range of Power to -20 to 20 in Exterior, Interior, and Orbit Trap textures.
  • Fixed a bug since v3.7 where saving a color preset with orbit traps caused an error.

Render window

  • Added an option in the Render Options panel to Render Depth Map, with Normalize and Invert options.
Screenshots:XenoDream Jux Crack & Serial Key {Tested} Full Download

XenoDream Jux Crack & Activator Full Version Free Download

How to install & activate it?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install XenoDream Jux 4.100 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program and use the provided key to register the program
  • It’s done, Enjoy XenoDream Jux 4.100 Full Version.

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