XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Crack & License Key Latest Download

XMind Crack & License Key {Latest} Free Download

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Serial Key & Patch {Latest} Full Free Download

XMind Crack & License Key {Latest} Free Download

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Crack is a complete mental mapping and brainstorming tool, designed to generate ideas, inspire creativity, and bring productivity to a remote WFH team. He is committed to providing continuous productivity and creativity. Awarded as the best project for academics and the best productivity software, the full version of XMind 2023 Full Version has been adopted by more than 1,000,000 people worldwide to increase their competitiveness.

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 License Key allows users to easily integrate it into their products, place data securely in XMind files, or create your mind mapping application. Boasting unmatched usability, a simple and easy interface, and an excellent set of functions, XMind 2023 Latest Version helps developers achieve effective communication and collaboration so they can maximize their potential in software creation and productivity services for their customers.

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Key Benefits:

  • More Ideas, More Possibilities

Many great products start with little ideas. Mind maps can be very useful at the start of a project. Use it to record each idea in a meeting, you may be surprised at the differences and achievements that translate in the long run.

  • Stay Creative Anytime and Anywhere

Creativity will make you a more attractive person and allow you to gain more work and life opportunities. Mind maps help you think more, think more, and are encouraged to explore different creative paths.

  • Be the Most Organized Person in the Peer Group

Well-organized people tend to be more likely to succeed. Use mind maps to manage your ideas and documents and improve the quality of your life.

  • Fast Learner, Impressive

It is not easy to remember complicated information. But if you use colors, images, and keywords to improve your memory and retention. Also, makes learning more interesting and fun.

  • Using a Combination of Different Structures

You might not see such mind maps elsewhere: each branch is a structure. This allows you to express different thoughts on the same mind map.

  • Always Being So Stylish

Creativity is always full of personality. You can create the graphic you want.

  • Cross All Your Devices

All mind maps are easy to find on your laptop and mobile device, allowing you to access them anytime, anywhere.

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Key Features:

  • Theme Editor

You can adjust the theme style according to your preferences, adjusting shape, line, color, etc. This allows you to use it directly each time instead of editing it repeatedly.

  • All-New UI

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Patch has a brand-new user interface – CREAM, like morning energy, sweet sensations to relieve fatigue, and the power to move your mind.

  • Enhance Image Export

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Full Version is making more possibilities to export images. Such as allowing all sheets to be exported at the same time, more sizes to choose from, and exporting transparent backgrounds that can be easily loaded into Keynote and PPT.

  • File Link

Surprisingly, you can manage all the files on your computer by using a single mind map. When you need to find the file later, just click on the subject and you will be redirected to the file you want.

  • ZEN Mode

It’s not easy to focus for a long time, ZEN mode helps you focus only on a mind map. In this way, all your energy will enter it and you will reach it perfectly.

  • Equation

Equation, the function with the highest voice. The LaTeX command allows you to present mathematical and chemical formulas. May you stay straight-A? Here to learn more about supporting the XMind equation.

  • Style & Structure

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Keygen offers fishbone diagrams, matrices, chronologies, and flowcharts to enrich your mind map. Various branch shapes such as hexagons, capsules, circles, etc. To emphasize your thinking.

  • Import

Here you can import all the major mind map formats, such as Mind Maps from MindManager, MindNode, Lighten, etc.

  • Export

To make sure you don’t have any problems with the format. You allow the export of PNG, SVG, PDF, price reduction, and other useful formats.

  • Share

Share your mind map with public/private links, Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote directly to your friends and colleagues.

  • New from Library

Only works that seem interesting will be selected from the library. You can choose your favorite mind map there and open it directly as a template.

  • Set Password

Safety is always a priority. Set a password for your XMind file. Without a password, no one can open a file.

  • Print

Printing is no longer a dry thing. You can choose to check/erase the background color and decide to print at the actual size or on the correct page.

  • Fold/Unfold All Sub-branches

When you need to present your mind map to others, you can freely fold or open all branches with one click. Say goodbye to duplicate work.

  • Find/Replace

This is a little tip, if your mind map is also very large to find and replace, you can also use it to find certain words.

  • Map Overview

The map overview shows the general situation of your entire mind map, which can help you quickly check the approximate location of a subject.

  • Topic Count

Several useful topics. In the process of creating a mind map, it will automatically show you the number of topics completed.

  • Quick Entry

It is a small window that can be opened from the menu. This will produce a new mind map after typing what you think.

  • CJK Font

After defining the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts, the layout of the mixture with the appearance of Western fonts is better.

  • Shortcuts

Shortcuts can be found in Preferences. You can define shortcuts for up to 47 operations, allowing you to create a mind map faster than others.

  • Multi-branch Color

XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Serial Key offers several branch options; you can use it to make your mind map more beautiful and clearer.

  • Topic Free-positioning

This is a very useful feature. If you check it in the format panel, you will find that you can use more free-floating subjects.

  • Topic Overlap

This is generally used with free subject positioning so that you can overlap floating subjects.

  • Quick Style

You can quickly set priority topics, such as Very Important, Important, Exit, and Default.

  • Relationship

You can quickly set priority topics, such as Very Important, Important, Exit, and Default.

  • Boundary

Borders can group subjects with closed areas. You can use it to highlight certain content or explain to the reader certain special concepts. We offer many styles for your limit.

  • Summary

The conclusions are always important in each section. Like other types of topics, summary topics can change style, color, and shape, and extend to sub-topics.

  • Note

To keep all the topics very concise, you can put your additional ideas in your notes and see them when you need them.

  • Label

Labels appear with topics and are generally used for simple ratings and categorizations.

  • Callout

Captions are a great way to insert additional text. At XMind ZEN 2023 Crack, a Callout is a form and a real attachment to a subject.

  • Hyperlink

You can insert relevant hyperlinks into your subject, which gives you direct access to documents and web pages.

  • Attachment

You can attach files or other mind maps linked to your current map. The attachment will be a new topic and will be previewed when you open it.

  • Audio Note

This helps to capture verbal information during meetings, brainstorming sessions, or other activities. This allows you to annotate topics without typing.

  • Marker

Markers are widely used in mind maps and play an important role. This is used to express certain meanings, such as priorities, progress, risks, and feelings.

  • Local Image

Insert local images into a mind map to make your work clearer. When you want to explain a problem, it’s best to match the text to the image.

  • Sticker

The images always intuitively indicate certain concepts and ideas. There are 89 stickers integrated into XMind 2023 Full Crack, and all of them are works by original designers.

XMind 2023 New Features:

Smart Color Theme:

Believe it or not, Smart Color Theme is all about algorithms. Yes, that’s true. Pick a color, and everything on the mind map is just in harmony. That’s what Smart Color Theme comes for — making an appealing mind map as easy as it can be.

  • New Color Themes

We select 6 colors for each group with gorgeous names. With an optimized algorithm, you can always create a beautiful mind map effortlessly.

  • Smooth Readability for Every Topic

No worries about changing the background color, or filling color for the topic. All the texts change accordingly, providing an excellent readability experience.

  • More Colored Branch

Bring on the colors on your mind map. Besides the rainbow, you can pick a color and make your mind map colorful in balance.

Hand-drawn Style:

Remember drawing on a way when we were a child? So instinctive and creative. Now, the latest hand-drawn style is ready for your next creativity bloom.

  • Start from Skeleton

You can explore hand-drawn style starting from the skeleton, or have a close look at the different hand-drawn skeletons in the middle of mind mapping.

  • Find it in the Topic

Choose a hand-drawn style for your topic, we’ve got different options at your service.

  • Enjoy with Smart Color Theme

Boo! They take a mind-mapping game to the next level. It’s exciting to find all the combinations.

Brand-new Template:

New templates cover different scenarios, such as business plans, project management, to-do list, etc. If you are new to mind mapping, starting with the built-in templates is a good choice. Or, once you have an idea in your mind, you can pick a template and start mind mapping quickly.

Pitch Mode:

Pitch Mode made its debut last year, and everyone loves it. We saw YouTubers using it to do presentations for followers, and there are plenty of requested features on the wish list. Introducing Panel for Pitch Mode, also known as, pitch panel, offering more customizations for every topic.

  • More Options for Slide

Last year, we paused on every topic, and some users asked to skip some topics to keep the same pace with their speech. In the latest version, we skip some slides automatically, while you can find more customizations. Choose a topic, open the Pitch Panel, and there you go. Pitch Mode generates a slide layout based on your content, and you can change it in the drop-down menu. If a topic contains an image, illustration, or sticker, the image position also gives you enough space to customize it.

  • Delivery & Layout
    • Decide how to demonstrate the content in your way.
    • Delivery offers 3 ways to present subtopics of a current topic.
      • One by One – Drill in: One subtopic at a time, and drill in. You can elaborate on more details for each topic.
      • One by One: A way to drill in your topic. You can elaborate on more details for each topic.
      • All at Once: A general view of the subtopics, giving a general view of today’s speech and warming up the stage before officially getting started.
    • The layout provides 3 common ways for the subtopics: Brace List, Bullet List, and Lyrics (scroll down subtopics vertically).
    • Combine delivery and layout, and you can always find an appropriate way for different parts of your speech.
  • Display in Pitch Mode

If you are not sure about the current effect after changing, you can check Display in Pitch Mode which is the small window in the pitch panel for a real-time preview. No need to play the slides back and forth for a final check.

Illustrations & Stickers:

Who can say no to these lovely chums? Add brand-new illustrations to your mind map and make it illustrative and attractive. Use a bit of help with a sticker that doesn’t steal attention, but grabs the information. There are pretty much small changes and updates in this version because we know every detail matters. We hope you enjoy this version and keep XMind as your companion in work, study, and life. Happy mind mapping.

What’s new in XMind 2023 v23.11.04336?

(Released on 18-11-2023)

Important Updates

  • Added more Color Themes.
  • Added more Illustrations.
  • Added more NeverMind family fonts.


  • Optimized the experience of the Relationship.
  • Optimized Outliner’s compatibility with exception files.
  • Fixed a potential error in Image Preview on Windows.
  • Fixed a potential error when exporting the branch to PNG.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the info card icon did not respond when Note and Audio Note were both inserted.
  • Fixed an issue that the word count might not be accurate in Outliner.
  • Fixed some other known issues.

XMind Full Serial Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

XMind Full Keygen & Activator {Latest} Free Download

How to install & activate it?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 by using setup.
  • After the installation, run the program (No need for any crack or activation).
  • It’s done, Enjoy XMind 2023 v23.11.04336 Full Version.

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