ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Crack & License Key Free Download

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Patch & Serial Key {Latest} Free Download

ActCAD Professional Crack & License Key {Updated} Free Download

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Crack is 2D and 3D CAD drawing software for engineers, architects, and other technical consultants. ActCAD is the original DWG and DXF CAD software for creating and editing images. ActCAD uses the IntelliCAD engine, the DWG / DXF Open Design Alliance libraries, the ACIS 3D modeling kernel, and many other technologies. In addition, ActCAD 2021 Professional Full Version has many additional controls, features, and other productivity tools. ActCAD CAD software includes many other tools such as block libraries (in civil, mechanical, electrical, architecture, structural, P & ID, etc.), batch file converters, unit converters, PDF to DXF converters, DXF image converters, DXF converters, image converters to DXF and LH sections. ActCAD supports many other file formats such as STL, OBJ, 2D PDF, 3D PDF, SVG, etc. All dwg / dxf versions of R2.5 that are very old until the latest 2020 are supported.

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 License Key interface is carefully designed for easy order selection without much difficulty. The interface and controls are very familiar with easy migration from other CAD software. It has a full range of 3D drawing and modeling tools as well as editing options, and also includes Artisan Render at no additional cost to create a high-quality rendering. ActCAD 2021 Professional Full Version can be used both on the modern ribbon-style interface and on the Classic drop-down style’s menu. The interface, aliases, and commands can be fully customized to suit your needs. Unlimited workspaces are supported in ActCAD.

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Key Features:

  • Tools Palettes In ACTCAD

Tool palette Introduced in ActCAD to easily browse various commands, views, symbols, etc. Additional tabs can be added to the tool palette as needed.

  • New User Interface & Start Page

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Patch has all the new modern black user interface with completely new icons. Introduction of the start page to access recently opened images, daily software tips, etc.

  • Artisan Renderer In ACTCAD

Artisan Renderer Integration: Renderer allows you to quickly create photo-realistic images of your model using a variety of predefined materials, snapshots, and background settings combined with the ability to make backgrounds and templates custom realistic …

  • ActCAD Supports Many File Formats

ActCAD 2021 Professional Latest Version supports many file formats directly and through import and export options, as shown in the image above. All DWG and DXF files, from R2 to the latest version 2018 are supported.

  • ActCAD Text Cases

In ActCAD 2021 Professional, you can edit the text with different options. There are provisions to convert text to different cases using the JUSTIFY, TEXTFIT, CHANGE CASE, TOGGLECASE, UPPERCASE, LOWERCASE, SENTENCE CASE commands.

  • Create & Edit Tables

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Keygen You can create and modify tables very easily. There are provisions for importing external CSVs into tables and for exporting CAD table data to external CSV files. This table is fully compatible with tables from other CAD software. You can perform many operations such as insert/delete rows, insert/delete columns, merge cells, separate cells, etc. You can change the cell background and text color. Apart from that, many controls are added to each cell such as locking, unlocking, format, etc.

  • Familiar Interface, Commands & Icons – No Learning Curve

ActCAD 2021 Professional is easy to learn and use. ActCAD combines a user interface, commands, icons, and shortcuts similar to those used by the most popular (but much more expensive) CAD programs. The HELP function will help you to learn more about ActCAD commands. TIP OF THE DAY provides useful information for starting ActCAD. All controls and tools are easily accessible.

  • Printing & Plotting

ActCAD has a very powerful print and plot dialog with all the popular options. It has a number of features such as .ctb, .stb, page size, resolution, pc3 file storage, and more

  • Open PDF drawing & Edit Entities

In ActCAD, you can directly open existing vector PDF files and edit entities like ordinary CAD drawings. Just select the PDF file and click OK. ActCAD will convert the file to DXF in the same location as the original PDF and with the same name and will also launch the converted image in ActCAD and associate it with the graphics window. After that, you can save the image to a supported DWG or DXF file or another file format.

  • 3D Models Based on ACIS Kernel for 100% Compatibility

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 License Key uses the ACIS 3D Kernel from 3D Spatial. 3D data is fully compatible with lossless DWG and DXF data.

  • P & ID Label Text Creator

ActCAD 2021 Professional has a tool to create P&ID label text in a standard format by requesting values ​​from the user. You can direct the text in each corner according to the pipe in a few clicks.

  • Drawings Audit in Batch Mode (Interactive Mode)

ActCAD 2021 Professional has a special tool to audit and correct internal errors in your DWG / DXF file in batch mode. Select the location of the input folder and start the process. ActCAD will open each image and do a database audit and automatically correct internal errors and save the image in the output folder. The process will repeat itself in a loop to avoid all manual operations during the conversion process. Relax and watch the conversion process.

  • ActCAD Drawings Converter in Batch Mode (Silent Mode)

ActCAD Drawings Converter works outside of ActCAD to convert a group of DWG / DXF / DGN files from one format to another. This converter supports all file versions from R2 to 2018 and is much faster than any tool and offers many additional functions.

  • Units Converter

When working on a design project, you may need to convert multiple engineering units frequently. ActCAD has a tool ready in the additional menu for easy conversion of units for all common engineering units.

  • Import Point Data from CSV File

Often, users have point cloud data stored in Excel / CSV files. ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Crack has provisions to directly import all these points with a single click on the button as a geometric point to draw in the correct 3D location. You may need to adjust the point style options to see the points imported into your graphics window.

  • Check for Updates

In the development and quality of ActCAD software, verification is an organized process. We have made improvements to our existing code and also implemented a number of bug fixes based on user feedback. We regularly release maintenance fixes to keep technology up to date on your computer. Simply click on the Check for Updates command to automatically download and update the latest version of your license software from our server. No manual intervention is necessary during this update process.

  • Capture CAD Points to CSV File

This program does the opposite of importing point data from CSV files. You can click on a series of points in your image (such as hole coordinates, street level, block location, etc.) and the coordinates will be taken from an external CSV file. You can continue your choice as long as you need and the program will continue to capture points. To correlate point data, ActCAD will add a serial number to each point in the image and the same number will be kept in the CSV file.

  • Extract Block Attributes

Another useful utility in ActCAD is that you can extract all block attributes to an external Excel file with one click. It is not necessary to choose complex models and to remember the syntax as it is done with the commonly used data extraction tools. Attributes such as the editor attribute will be copied to the Excel file in the same order to be ready for use in other applications such as SAP, BOM tables, etc.

  • ActCAD Explorer

ActCAD Explorer is a powerful tool for exploring layers, blocks, line types, dimension styles, text styles, and more in one place. You can copy styles from one image to another simply by dragging and dropping it. The entry of new elements, deletion, modification, etc. Everything is possible in this dialogue.

  • Ribbon Interface

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Activator supports both the classic menu style interface and the modern ribbon-style interface. The tabs are organized systematically for each group of commands. It is easy to find commands on the ribbon with a mouse click rather than a long drop-down menu. The command prompt will work as usual with all shortcuts and aliases. The ActCAD interface can be easily adjusted using CUI files or interactive editors. There are many improvements to this module in ActCAD 2021.

  • XREF Manager

XREF Manager is very useful for managing the external references used in an image. You can attach or release references to draw using this dialog. XREF is a powerful tool for connecting images without increasing the size. In addition, they keep an association between linked images. You can think of XREFs as normal lists or ladder structures.

  • PDF Underlay

The PDF underlay tool allows you to insert PDF files into the current image. There are provisions for selecting the page to include in the image. The entered PDF scale can be changed as required in all X, Y, and Z directions. Rotation is also possible. PDF sublayer is useful for drawing content by referencing PDF content. The link to the original PDF will be managed by ActCAD.

  • DWF Underlay

DWF is a Web Design Format file that is used to easily communicate images with others. They are lightweight and easy to share with others without having complete image information. If you need to recover a reference from a DWF file, you can attach it to any image using the DWF underlay option. Similar to the two formats above will keep associative with the original file.

  • DGN Underlay

DGN files can be opened directly in ActCAD or inserted as an underlying layer. All options are similar to the PDF sublayer and associative will be kept with the original DGN file.

  • Text Styles

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Full Crack supports standard DWG text styles. You can modify existing text styles and create a number of new styles. You can browse all the text styles available in the ActCAD Explorer. Easy to apply text styles to all image annotations, including dimensions with a single edit. Copy styles from one image to another by dragging and dropping them in the ActCAD explorer.

  • Software Customization

ActCAD 2021 Professional supports adjustments using AUTO-LISP, DCL, .NET (VB / C # / VC ++), IRX, TX, SDS and COM automation. A separate developer toolkit is available for download upon request. Full developer help is included in ActCAD for your reference and customization.

  • Arc Aligned Text

ActCAD has an ARCTEXT command to create and edit the curved text in your images. You can apply a large number of text and alignment styles in this dialog. You can double-click on the existing ARCTEXT and modify its parent arc by modifying other parameters. The text preview is provided in the dialog to see the text before actual placement in the image.

  • 2D & 3D PDF Export

From ActCAD, you can export 2D and 3D PDF files from active images. It has options like layer support, orientation, resolution, embedded fonts, and more. 3D PDF files can be viewed for free in Adobe Acrobat Reader with many 3D options.

  • Change Numeric Text Values

Sometimes in images, you may need to change a series of text numbers with modifications such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. Editing each text manually takes a long time. ActCAD has a default program to modify your text in the drawing in batch mode. You can define operations and parameters before starting modifications. This feature not only saves time but also improves accuracy while eliminating human error.

  • Localization & Internationalization

ActCAD is available in around 15 international languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, etc. You can change the language of your choice in Tools> Options> Screen tab> change LANGUAGES.

  • Importing Your UI Customization Files

ActCAD has a new customization dialog in 2021 where you can load custom menus, aliases, CUI files, toolbars, etc. This setting will remain in ActCAD until you reset your profile.

  • All new BREAKLINE Command

ActCAD 2021 Professional has a BREAKLINE command with block support options. You can easily create dashed lines in your drawing with standard boundary symbols or any other special block symbol. There are also provisions for controlling the length of extension of the breaking line.

  • All New ARRAY Dialog

ActCAD has a new table dialog with known options for rectangular and circular patterns. This dialog supports 2D and 3D tables. Table orientation options are also available for circle patterns.

  • FIELD Dialog

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Full Version supports many fields in the drawing such as author, file name, date, project, etc. The new Fields dialog is very useful for managing your image fields in one place. You can call the fields specified in the drawing annotations and in the title block to keep the associative values. In addition, the fields are very useful for linking image attributes to external PDM software such as SAP, Teamcenter, etc. The same field can be used in several places of the image and everything will be updated if the value is modified in the dialog box of the field.


The POLYSOLID is a very important characteristic that is useful in 3D modeling. It is very similar to Polyline, but it creates a continuous 3D solid. You can choose a profile and sweep it along lines, arcs, polylines, or circles. You can continue to choose a point to continue the 3D solid profile.

  • Annotative Objects

Annotative objects are useful for getting different entity sizes such as text, expectation, dimensions, tolerances, blocks, etc. In some windows. You can define many annotative scales for these objects and call one of them in the presentation/window. This will ensure the correct display of the scale in the windows, whatever their scale.

  • Numerous RGB Color Values

ActCAD has approximately 562 RGB colors specified inside to be applied to your image entities such as text, lines, hatching, solids, etc. This will increase compatibility with images created in other software. In addition, these RGB values ​​are useful for attractive presentation images.

  • AutoComplete of Commands

ActCAD has thousands of default system commands, functions, and variables. It is very difficult to remember all of these commands and variables. The autocomplete option is very useful for standard users to display commands and variables starting with the letters typed in the command prompt. After that, you can immediately select the necessary commands from the list. For advanced users, there is an option to disable this autocomplete dialog.

  • Attach Point Cloud Data

ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 License Key has a powerful 3D point cloud import option for *.PCB and *.ISD files. You can select the Point Cloud Underlay option from the menu/insert ribbon and select the file you want to import. There are provisions for selecting the insertion point and the rotation angle.

  • 64-bit Multi-Core Support

All versions of ActCAD have 64-bit and 32-bit installers. The 64-bit version is able to take advantage of the many cores and many threads of your CPU. The operation will be 30% faster in 64-bit software, especially in large images.

What’s new in ActCAD 2021 Professional?

  • Support for 2021 dwg & dxf files.
  • Dynamic Screen Input.
  • IntelliCAD 10 Engine & ODA 20.12 Libraries.
  • New material library for Objects and Layers.
  • New Visual styles.
  • Import OBJ & STL Files.
  • All new Geometric Technology.
  • OpenGL ES Graphics Technology.
  • 2D & 3D Anti-aliasing.
  • All new Start Page with Create & Learn Tabs.
  • Support for Table Formulae.
  • New Spot and Point Lights in 3D.
  • ActCAD 2021 supports Gradient Colors and Image Backgrounds.
  • Several improvements to Printing and Plotting.
  • Several improvements to User Interface and Icons.
  • New BIM features: Roofs, Beams, Mitered Joints, explode BIM underlays.
  • Several improvements to Features and Performance.
  • Improved PDF to CAD Conversion Technology.
  • Improved MText formatting, 4K Display, closed entities to Solids, etc.
  • Introduced BIM PROPERTIES & BIM UNITS Commands.
  • SYSVAR IMPORT & EXPORT and Improved sysvar dialogue.
  • Introduce MIGRATEUI to import a customized user interface.
  • Improved HOLETABLE command.
  • Selection Grips for solid models.
  • Tool Palettes Navigate for quick access.

ActCAD Professional Serial Key & Patch {Tested} Free Download

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How to install & activate?
  • Disconnect from the internet (Recommended).
  • Extract and install ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 by using setup.
  • After the installation, don’t run the program or exit if running.
  • Copy all the cracked files to the installation directory and replace them.
  • It’s done, Enjoy ActCAD 2021 Professional v10.0.1447 Full Version.

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